Open Positions

At iHandy, the world’s most talented engineers, designers, and thought leaders are shaping the future of Internet.

Data Algorithm Engineer

  • Involved in design, research and development of big data platforms
  • Research, design and test data mining solutions; responsible for implementation and optimization of data mining algorithms
  • Involved in system performance analysis and system optimization
Hong Kong, Beijing

Mobile Product Manager

  • Responsible for the mobile app planning and design
  • Responsible for the user and demand analysis of mobile apps
  • Responsible for the ongoing improvement and optimization of products based on product operation data

Back-end Development Engineer

  • Responsible for implementing back-end services according based on app business demands
  • Responsible for the system analysis and design, and implementation of core code
  • Offer practicable solutions which tackle performance bottlenecks or structural defects of core business systems with ongoing system improvement and continuing innovation

iOS Development Engineer

  • Responsible for the design, research and development, and technological risk control of iOS apps
  • Cooperate with product managers and back-end engineers for design and review of project requirements
  • Enhance and optimize code stability, performance and extensibility

Social Media

  • Regularly update product content on social networks to improve product reputation and gain high-quality user traffic
  • Develop media resources and maintain media relations
  • Make feasible plans for public relations in all media and expand communication channels
San Francisco, Hong Kong, Beijing

Commercial Product Manager

  • Responsible for the planning and design of digital marketing platforms
  • Responsible for the planning and design of mobile internet monetization platforms
  • Responsible for the implementation of precision advertising and marketing with data mining and personalized recommendations

Senior UI Designer

  • Define visual styles of products
  • Provide beautiful, user-friendly and attractive user interfaces
  • Be proactive, innovative, dedicated to user experience improvements

Android Development Engineer

  • Responsible for the research and development of mobile apps with high-quality coding
  • Coordinate with product managers for in-depth involvement in demand discussion and feature definition of Android apps
  • Design sound coding structures with ongoing refactoring, performance optimization and user experience enhancement

Global Business Development

  • Expand cooperating channels and follow up with cooperation status
  • Data monitoring, quick analysis of data fluctuation or abnormality and optimization of marketing strategies
  • Anti-spam of user acquisition, stronger capability in analyzing user quality, ongoing optimization of anti-spam rules